About Sandie


 “Do nothing and be dead in a few days” were the words Sandie Eggers heard from her husband’s surgeon, words that began her greatest season of life challenge to date.

Having personally experienced God’s grace and love as she came beside her husband, Steve, as he battled colon cancer, Sandie is passionate about sharing what she knows about life with God. 

As an inspirational speaker, teacher and coach, Sandie shares God’s timeless truths with her audiences, helping them apply what they’ve learned so that they live more abundantly in Christ. 



Jason Reynolds, Assistant Pastor

Mercy Road Church, Burnsville, MN

“With her deep knowledge of Holy Scripture, approachable teaching style and as one who “walks the walk”, Sandie will guide you to a deeper encounter with our Lord Jesus. Your Christian faith will be strengthened and better integrated into all you do."

Professional public speaker

As a professional public speaker, Sandie has inspired and educated thousands, speaking before a wide range of audiences including: Lutheran Women’s Missionary League–Michigan Chapter; Community Evangelical Church, the Society of Marketing Professionals; Eastern Michigan University, the Association of Lutheran Development Executives and many churches. 

Stacie May

Garden City, MI

"Sandie is a dynamic speaker, full of energy. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her."


Teacher & Author

In addition to her speaking, she is also creating online courses. 

Sandie is the author of Embrace Each Day with Joy: A True Love Story of Laughing, Loving and Living Through Terminal Cancer. Sandie is working on her second book. 

In 2020, Sandie was able to fulfill a personal goal, moving from snowy Minneapolis-St. Paul to her subtropical dream location, Charleston, SC. Now she is truly in a place where the only “white stuff” she sees is beach sand.