Fears in Midlife: Dream Blocker #1

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2020

DREAM BLOCKER #1: The fear that I’m inadequate


In this series of 5 articles, you will learn:

  • The 5 Dream Blockers -- fears blocking midlife women from fulfilling their dreams and living their next best lives
  • How to shatter those 5 fears with 8 Timeless Truths and 4 Inspired Ideas
  • Tips, techniques and strategies to succeed in spite of failure (A special offer)

In this article, we’ll be looking at Dream Blocker #1. For the rest of the articles, go to Dream Blocker #2, Dream Blocker #3, Dream Blocker #4 and Dream Blocker #5


 What stands in your way?

Let’s be honest.

It’s one thing to encourage you to not let anything stand in the way of fulfilling your dream, but the reality is, things do stand in your way, with many of them coming from inside us, whether they come from the circumstances of our childhood, from what influential others (like parents) have said about us or by what we learned about ourselves as adults.

I call them “Dream Blockers” and they are often built upon fear. These Dream Blockers stand in the way of our living the lives we were created to live, lives that can bring us the deepest fulfillment and joy we can imagine.

When we allow those Dream Blockers to box us in, we live small. And when we live small, we deprive ourselves and the world of all that we are, all that we offer. This doesn’t serve us, at all.

But you don’t have to let those Dream Blockers stand in the way of your dream. You can overcome them. And I’m here to help you do just that.

So let’s get started.

DREAM BLOCKER #1: The fear that I’m inadequate

Although feeling inadequate is not exclusively a female domain, we women seem particularly skilled at it.

When we compare ourselves against other people, certainly we’ll find many who make us feel pretty good about ourselves. But there will come a time when we run across someone who blows those examples out of the water and, here we are, feeling totally inadequate again.

Maybe it’s because the messages we heard growing up always focused on our shortcomings. Maybe early on we learned to measure ourselves against someone else – a sibling, a cousin, a celebrity – or worse yet, some imaginary impossible standard and we always found ourselves lacking.

If we continually measured ourselves against others—or some abstract idea—one minute we would feel adequate, the next inadequate. Quite the roller coaster, yes?

If this describes you, you know how exhausting riding that roller coaster can be. You can never be sure you’ll be “good enough”, you’re always looking at the next thing or person to measure yourself against, using hours of your precious life trapped in this unending assessment, never able to burst free to live your life. Am I on to something?


So if you want off that roller coaster, let me share some timeless truths with you, truths to latch onto, to repeat to yourself, so that you can get off the roller coaster and start living.

TIMELESS TRUTH #1:  Early messages of your in adequacy are false. Those early messages and the behaviors they spawn are powerful and sometimes difficult to overcome. But overcome you must, because this is a false message.

TIMELESS TRUTH #2: You are loved. God loves you—loves you just as you are, fears and all—more than you can ever imagine. He created you. He delights in what He’s created. He loves you so much, delights in you so much, that He’s counted every hair on your head. His is a personal love, loving the person that is you.

TIMELESS TRUTH #3: You are right for the job. You are not inadequate. God has made sure you’re “right for the job” he’s given you.

Although you may lack a specific skill at the moment, God in his graciousness will provide that as well, either through others or you’ll find the training you need. The list is endless, as God is limitless. So please remember, when desiring that dream, you are not inadequate.

Since fear of failure can be a complex issue and it does affect a majority of people, I discuss it at length in my 20-page eBook  “The Achiever’s Guide to Failure”


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