Fears in Midlife: Dream Blocker #2

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

DREAM BLOCKER #2: The fear that I don’t deserve it


In this series of 5 articles, you will learn:

  • The 5 Dream Blockers -- fears blocking midlife women from fulfilling their dreams and living their next best lives
  • How to shatter those 5 fears with 8 Timeless Truths and 4 Inspired Ideas
  • Tips, techniques and strategies to succeed in spite of failure (A special offer)

In this article, we’ll be looking at Dream Blocker #2. For the rest of the articles, go to Dream Blocker #1, Dream Blocker #3, Dream Blocker #4 and Dream Blocker #5.


What stands in your way?

Let’s be honest.

It’s one thing to encourage you to not let anything stand in the way of fulfilling your dream, but the reality is, things do stand in your way, with many of them coming from inside us, whether they come from the circumstances of our childhood, from what influential others (like parents) have said about us or by what we learned about ourselves as adults.

I call them “Dream Blockers” and they are often built upon fear. These Dream Blockers stand in the way of our living the lives we were created to live, lives that can bring us the deepest fulfillment and joy we can imagine.

When we allow those Dream Blockers to box us in, we live small. And when we live small, we deprive ourselves and the world of all that we are, all that we offer. This doesn’t serve us, at all.

But you don’t have to let those Dream Blockers stand in the way of your dream. You can overcome them. And I’m here to help you do just that.

So let’s get started.

DREAM BLOCKER #2: The fear that I don’t deserve it

This one is closely associated with Dream Blocker #1, the fear of feeling inadequate. If we don’t feel we’re good enough, then when something good comes along, we feel we don’t deserve it. We find it hard, if not impossible, to accept it. We don’t feel glad; rather, we feel unworthy, shamed.


Does this describe you? If so, there’s a timeless truth I want to share with you. A truth that I’ve applied to my own life whenever I’ve been tempted to board “The Shame Train.” Hey, I’ve got too much living to do to get stuck on some ol’ train! And you do, too, so I’ll share this truth with you:

TIMELESS TRUTH #2: God loves you more than you can imagine. God who loves me—and you—more than we can ever imagine, even with – rather, in spite of – all our imperfections. He knows each and every hair on your head. He knows when you’re standing up and He knows when you’re lying down. He sings over you. You are so precious to him that He’s tattooed your name in the palm of His hand. He wants the best for you, always. He created you; He loves you. And He put that dream inside you, so you do deserve to chase that dream.

In fact, God thinks so much of you that He’s called you His “masterpiece”. It’s true!

Tips, techniques and strategies to succeed in spite of failure. (See the special offer, below.)


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