Going Crazy Through the Crisis . . . But for Grace in Midlife

fear god midlife Mar 28, 2020

Have you ever faced a time when life-changing events were swirling around you, moment by moment, all unpredictably? So much so, you thought surely you would go crazy, literally?

I’ll bet you have – especially as you’ve reached midlife.

And I certainly have.  When my husband of 27 years struggled through the last two months of his life, dying of colon cancer.

God had brought Steve and I through our two years of battling this monster inside him, a long life considering when initially diagnosed, the surgeon began by saying:  “Do nothing and be dead in a few days.”

From that moment until those last two months, we had our ups and downs, joys and sorrows, and God was with us, teaching us, sustaining, uplifting us.

The last two months were something else entirely. The ups and downs—but mostly downs—were happening moment by moment, and I was going crazy.

You see, when faced with a crisis, I was wired by God to automatically think about Plans A, B, C . . . YYY.

But not this time.  It was all such unknown territory.

And I was exhausted.

The psychologist at Karmanos Cancer Institute told me I had to “live in the moment.” But I couldn’t. It was too hard, against my natural wiring. Yet I knew if I kept this up, I really would go crazy.

So I did the only thing I could do—give it up to God, clinging to his promise to St. Paul (and me), “My grace is sufficient.”

And you know something? It most certainly was.

Immediately I felt a peace, and knew that – even if I didn’t know what was ahead—much less what how to handle it--God did. And God would.

From that time and through Steve’s heavenly homecoming, I was no longer frantic, because His grace is sufficient.

How about you? Have you had times when you couldn’t do something and gave it to God and He did? Please tell me about it.

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