“Do nothing and be dead in a few days.”

Those were the words spoken by our surgeon to my husband, Steve, who just found out he had Stage IV colon cancer. Steve wasn’t even 50.

 So began our “new normal."

Were it not for the intervention of our son and his tapping his personal network, we would not have received the excellent care we did. And Steve would not have lived two-and-a-half years. Thank you, son. 

Grateful for tree frogs

This fight, this life journey, changed us. Through it we came to be grateful for the little things in life: a beautiful sunset, a happy chorus of tree frogs. 

We learned to value relationships, because we both now knew how fragile life is. 

And we learned to depend more upon God, trusting him when things didn’t make sense, knowing how much he loved us, walking in faith when we couldn’t see the way before us. 

Through those two-and-a-half years we also knew that one day Steve’s earthly journey would end. So on December 2, 2005, Steve went to be with his Lord, just weeks shy of his 51st birthday.

A new life calling

Now things were drastically changed. All that I once thought I knew about us–retiring, growing old together–were not to be. And I was faced with stark new realities, chief among them “What do I do now?” “What will life look like now?” 

Gradually, through this tragedy, my new life, my new life purpose, became clear. And “Your Life: Abundant” is the result.



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Here you’ll be empowered to cultivate an attitude of gratitude so you can navigate through adverse situations with greater insight, confidence, and perseverance, helping you lead a more joyful and resilient life. 

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