Basic Introductory: Mini and Basic Introductory Course

 I will donate 10% of the proceeds from every course sold to support Partners Worldwide's "Vision 2020". (Click here to learn more.)

Basic Mini

Who should take Basic Mini:  

Christ-centered entrepreneurs who want to begin integrating their faith with their business and want to sample the Basic Intro course.

What you'll learn in Basic Mini:

In less than 10 mins. a day over 4 days, you will learn: 

  • 5 principles supporting your identity (brand)

  • 5 benefits of knowing your "why" as a Christ-centered entrepreneur

  • About your life's mission 

  • And much, much more . . . 

Some of your benefits include:

  • Study Guide: Helps you to complete the course
  • Lifetime, on-demand access: You can review the lessons as many times you want, when you want
  • 30-day money back guarantee: Peace of mind, as you have nothing to lose.  

 Basic Introductory Course

Who should take the Basic Intro Course:

Christ-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to integrate their faith with their business 

What you'll learn in the Basic Intro Course:

By investing less than 15 minutes a day for 7 days, you will learn:

  • How to apply the 5 principles to your brand
  • What is that "infinite abyss"?
  • The connection between what you were created for and your business
  • Why God is essential to your life purpose (your "why in business)
  • What a life's mission has to do with your business
  • And much, much more. . . 

Some of your benefits include:

  • Study Guide (Downloadable; see "Resources" tab above.). This resource will guide you so you can complete the course in 7 days 
  • Lifetime, on-demand access: You can review the lessons whenever you want, as many times as you want.
  • 30-day, money back guarantee: You have nothing to lose, giving you peace of mind

 Basic Bundle

What you get with the Basic Bundle:

 Your best value, you get the Basic Introductory Course (both the videos and downloadable mp3's of all the modules).

Some of your benefits include:

All of the benefits of the Basic Introductory Course, plus:

  • Free Gift #1: The Achiever's Guide to Failure (Downloadable eBook; see "Free Gift" tab above.)  This resource will give you tools and actionable tips to deal with failure when it comes.
  • Free Gift #2: Inspirational Photos (Downloadable eBook; see "Free Gift" tab, above)  This resource will make you think, gladden your heart, make you smile. 

I will donate 10% of the proceeds from every course sold to support Partners Worldwide's "Vision 2020". (Click here to learn more.)