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Why Midlife Transformation?

A More Creative Life

Unleash the creativity you've kept hidden for all these years.

A More Meaningful Life

Discover your purpose and passion and you'll find more meaning.

A More Fulfilling Life

By discovering your purpose and passion, by unleashing your creativity, you'll have a more fulfilling life.

"I help midlife women successfully navigate their midlife transformation so that they can lead more creative, meaningful and fulfilling lives."

--Sandie Eggers, Founder, YourLife: Abundant

Entry Points to Your Midlife Transformation

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"As I entered midlife, I was unhappy with what I was doing but didn't know what to do next. Through Sandie's course on midlife transformation, I better understood what was happening to me. Then I worked with a life coach she recommended and my life has now improved immensely."

Miriam O.
Charlotte, NC

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