5 things you can do today to spark your life's dream  

dreams life's dream midlife Oct 21, 2020

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So often we midlife women put ourselves and our needs on hold while we race to support everyone else. Over time, our dreams get lost. We may not even know who we are.

But if we stop for a moment and attune ourselves to ourselves, we can find those buried hopes and dreams just waiting to burst forth. Here are 5 simple ways you can begin, today, to begin the quest for your dream. 

  1. Start a journal Getting our thoughts out and on paper clarifies our thoughts, helps stimulate other ideas and serves as a record of important issues like documenting our thoughts on our life's dream.
  2. Carve out one uninterrupted hour to brainstorm answering the question:  "If money were no object, what would I be doing now?" Let yourself go; every thought is welcome. Remember, you're brainstorming.
  3. Look for inspirational quotes on following your dream. Copy them into in a Google doc, Evernote or OneNote file or in your journal
  4. Carve out one uninterrupted hour to recall events and scenes from your past when you were at your happiest, the most energized, the most "in the zone." It is those times that help give us clues as about our interests and talents.
  5. Listen to music that's inspirational to you. Let your mind wander around the questions "As a little girl, what did I dream of doing? Do I still want to do it? If not, what would make me the happiest, the most energized, the most "in the zone?"

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