The gifts of overcoming adversity

Feb 03, 2023
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Going through a tough time has changed you, there's no doubt. The challenge is to take some time and reflect how that’s true for you. For example, the gifts that you get for going through and overcoming adversities may mean you are more:

  • Mentally tough
  • Persistent
  • Tenacious
  • Adaptable
  • Flexible

So those are some of the gifts that you can get as you go through this adversity. But in order to claim them, you need resilience to go through and overcome adversity. 

These gifts that make you a different person. It’s important to have perspective on this. For example, you:

  • No longer obsess about the little things
  • Have a different perspective on life
  • Find yourself laughing more
  • Are more grateful
  • Have more humility
  • Value relationships more
  • Have greater confidence
  • Have more patience with others

Now adversity has equipped you with many gifts, if you just use them. I would encourage you to do some self-reflection on this and really discover what going through and overcoming adversity has meant to you in terms of making you a new and different person.

To experience these gifts of adversity you need to overcome adversity. And to do so, you need resilience. Read this post on ways to build resilience.

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