It's a new day

aspiration bringing shalom christian life Feb 16, 2022

Today marks a new day in the history of this blog. (Been blogging here since 2016.) 

Since the start of this blog, I've written about a lot of things: entrepreneurship, branding for Christian entrepreneurs, and midlife women, to name but a few topics. For the most part, my approach throughout all of these topics has been one of formalized teaching, as after all, that's a main part of who God created me to be, a teacher. And while it's certainly not a bad approach, I've recently come to the realization that there is a better way to encourage you and to equip you as you travel your own journey in this life. 

That new approach? A more relatable, personable one, where I share my thoughts, write about my strengths & foibles, a slice of life. But lest you think these posts will be yet another addition to the myriad self-serving FOMO-fluff posts we are all inundated with, you'd be mistaken. Because remember, I am still a teacher at heart. I still have a very strong drive to provide value for you, my dear family. I want to help guide you by sharing my missteps and musings, all the while pointing to Christ. Because being a Christ-follower is a part of who I am, too. In fact, it is a major, central, part of who I am. It is my core. (Or at least I try to ensure that only Jesus is seated upon the throne of my life. Doesn't always happen, as I am imperfect, too.  But I still try. )

I think that by taking this warmer, more personable approach I will be able to be more effective in my calling: to bring joy to the joyless; courage to the fearful and hope to the hopeless, equipping and encouraging along the way as I share the immutable truth of God's Word with you. 

Some thing else that will be new, too. Instead of three times a week, I will only be posting once. Not only will that give me time to create a higher-quality post for you, but also it will allow me time to be more intentional about getting the word out about this blog, as well as the deeper, richer learning experience that is available to subscribers to Abundance Place. 

So that, my dear ones, is where I'm at and where we will be going in the future. Please come along for the ride; I know you'll find great benefit no matter your faith base, as God works through my imperfect words. And please, if you find value in what I'm doing here, please bring your friends along for the ride as well. The more the merrier on this journey we call life. 

Love y'all!  See ya next week.