Overcoming adversity: My story

Jan 27, 2023

Welcome, I'm Sandie Eggers, founder of Abundance Place and your sherpa -- or guide -- to building resilience.

I'm passionate about helping people like you who are experiencing rough times in life to build resilience so you can lead your life with greater tenacity, flexibility, and strength. 

In our journey together, I'll be bringing you some of the best science-based information out there and then translate that information into blogposts, courses, and more. 

I'll also share with you my personal experience or what I personally found most helpful in navigating adversity as I built resilience. 

Why am I so passionate about helping people like you build resilience? Because I know firsthand how important resilience is. 

My journey toward building resilience began many years ago, when I and my husband heard from Steve's surgeon giving us three options for his treatment, beginning with:  "Do nothing and be dead in a few days." 

With those words, my world changed forever. Over the next several years, we faced his terminal cancer together with many ups and downs. But one day there came a time when there were no more treatments left to try. So we prepared to receive hospice care and shortly thereafter, Steve passed away and went to be with Jesus, just a few weeks short of his 51st birthday. 

From that day onward, I faced many other adversities like loneliness, financial setbacks, a crisis of identity, and not knowing what this new life without him would be like. With each adversity I overcame through resilience, I grew stronger, learning more, and becoming even more resilient in the process. 

This is just a glimpse of my story. As we journey together, I will be sharing more. 

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