Some brief & random reflections on the current state of affairs

evil love Mar 04, 2022
Image courtesy of  Sasha Freemind on Unsplash  


There is so much hate, anger, division in some quarters. Yet the opposite is also true, as in other quarters there is unity. The Freedom Convoy of Truckers comes to mind. 

Have we been manipulated? Torn apart and divided? We’ve certainly been physically isolated, in contravention of generations old practice of quarantining the sick and allowing the healthy to live free. 

But division also quarantines us, the othering of those with views contrary to ours. What of diversity? Diversity is not some quota demarcated by skin color, gender, race, ethnic, state of ability, because that “diversity” only pigeonholes, isolates, and others people, individuals categorized by group, seen not as individuals but as the herd and as such often have a herd mentality. The first “othering” – Cain and Abel. Cain spilled blood, did not see a brother, only as the cause of his troubles with God.   

“Am I my brother’s keeper?”  

“Who cares?” “He should fend for himself.” “Why should I be bothered?” All wrapped up into that simple statement. In the othering there is no love. Love is squeezed out; individuals are isolated. Set apart, shunned. Deemed not worthy of attention. The mark of Cain is blackness – blackness of heart where there once was love, now evil resides.

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