Your true identity

In today's Midlife Minute, we'll discuss your true identity. (I invite you to join me on the midlife transformation journey by signing up at: )

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Money: negative and positive mindsets

In this Midlife Minute, we'll discuss the topic of money, specifically the negative and positive mindsets we regarding our struggle with finances. (For more midlife content, sign up at : )

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Sharing my heart

In this Midlife Minute, the Heart Space edition, I'll share a bit of my heart with you.  (For more midlife content, sign-up at: YourLifeAbundant


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5 Reasons Why Midlife Women Should Be Nudists

Today's Midlife Minute is a bit of midlife humor. (If you'd like more midlife content, sign-up at:

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Midlife Entry Points

This Midlife Minute is about midlife entry points. (If you like this content, please sign-up to receive more at: )


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The Peril & Promise of Midlife Transformation

Midlife Minute for Thursday, June 22: The Peril & Promise of Midlife Transformation.

(If you want more midlife content, go to:

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Midlife Defined P2

Midlife Minute:  Midlife Defined, P2   (For more midlife content, go to



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"Midlife Minute" for Monday, June 19th

(Originally broadcast live on my facebook page, Your Life Abundant.)


If you liked what you've just viewed, sign-up at my website, for more midlife content. 





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3 things you'll need when you seize your midlife dream

If you want to seize your dream in midlife, there are three things you'll need. 

Like what I've just shared? Then you'll love "Seize Your Dreams!", the new online class I'm creating. Sign up for my "Early Interest" list. You'll also get valuable information & other exclusive offers. To sign-up, go here.


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